Getting media attention isn’t as easy as it seems. Don’t believe us? Give it a try LIVE at CapitalFest!

During this session, 4 scale-ups will get on stage to pitch our international jury of journalists. Each one will have the chance to pitch the media – with ONE CATCH.

Expert host, Ayelet Noff (CEO Blonde 2.0), will be giving tips, hints & feedback along the way, helping improve the pitch and proving to the journalists that they are worthy of being covered. The jury will select a winner, eligible to win media coverage right there and then! Up for the challenge?

The 4 winning scale-ups will be selected on September 14th. Please fill out this form to be considered.
*Requires Founder ticket to CapitalFest
*Jury will consist of international journalists, including TNW, Venture Beat & more.
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